Los Angeles is known as a movie and TV town. It’s easy to name five actors, directors, producers or screenwriters living in L.A.

Can you name five Los Angeles local authors?

Neither could L.A. native and author Sandra Ann Miller and in 2018, she founded the L.A.L.A. Society to give a larger, louder voice to the richly diverse authors living in Los Angeles.

The presumption is that anything literary emanates from New York, but Los Angeles has a thriving literary presence, from its authors to its small presses. Because L.A. is so big, it can be difficult to navigate that landscape. Part of our mission is to encourage local media and bookstores to highlight local authors so that every neighborhood can boast about their own literati. 

Society Authors have exclusive networking and educational events. Aspiring writers have opportunities to meet mentors. Readers will be introduced to new authors. Booksellers will be able to have more involved events.

For more information:

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